Address: Acacia st, Brisbane Airport QLD 4007
Recommended times: Mornings and afternoons
GPS Location: -27° 22′ 37.28″, +153° 7′ 40.36″

There’s a certain ‘reputation’ that goes with the act of watching planes (trains and other machinery too, to be sure). Plane-spotters or Jetro-sexuals, as they have been dubbed, are a common sight at the Brisbane Airport viewing area. They have been using this location for plane-watching for many years. Apart from the awe inspiring miracle of flight, this area offers a chance to get close to one of the most intense sounds to be experienced in everyday life – the aero-engine.

There’s nothing quite so tangibly sonic as jet and propeller driven aircraft rising and falling from the tarmac. The body and not just the ear, receiving vibrating wave after wave through the air. Throughout Brisbane’s northern suburbs, planes landing when ambient noise is low can be heard for many kilometres, their dull boom rolls across the land like a mist of sound.

At close proximity the experience is heightened; the air breaks and reversed engines howl. Oscillating tones spin out from the exterior of the plane as it struggles to slow its speed in the shortest time possible. Take offs are also commanding at close proximity, the modulation of engines as they spin into action is hypnotic; a beautiful noise of endless emissions that coil to the ground as the vibrations in the air descend. Beyond the stereotypical distaste for ‘industrial noise’ lies a sonic character the likes of which is rarely matched in the mechanised world.


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