Address: Stanworth Rd, Boondall, 4034
Recommended times: Dawn, Dusk
GPS Location: -27° 20′ 8.09″, +153° 4′ 55.80″

The Boondall wetlands sprawl the coast of Moreton Bay north of Brisbane city, between Nudgee Beach and Shorncliffe. They play a vital role for transitory birds, earning the area status in the United Nation’s Ramsar Treaty as an internationally significant site. The wetlands are a low lying mesh of salt marshes, Mangroves, grasslands, Casuarina and other open forests, and thus offer significantly diverse sound environments.

Nudgee Beach’s mangroves and small marshes covering the southern part of the coast are consumed by a gently phasing spray of ocean waves, dotted with Mangrove Kingfisher calls, Bee-Eater ringing and the shimmering sound of a hundred Soldier Crabs marching, and then burrowing into sand in unison.

The tracks streaming from the entry at Stanworth Rd move from Casuarina forest through to salt marshes and then Mangroves. Casuarinas creak and whistle as the wind picks up – stronger winds bring the forest into an unerring modulated drone. Quail scatter from the leaf litter, Osprey call distantly from the creek.

Walking further into the salt marshes the sound diffuses – the close relief of the forest lost to a distant moan of motorway traffic and rustling grasses. The bird-hide at the end of the walking track reveals chattering migratory birds in low flight, mud gurgles and sucks along the water’s edge, Mangroves hiss as the wind picks up again.


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