Address: 60 Mt Nebo Rd, The Gap QLD 4061,
Recommended times: Early Morning, Dusk, Late Evening
GPS Location: -27° 26′ 26.74″, +152° 55′ 19.56″

Brisbane Forest Park is an abundant source of sound (not to mention smell and vision) – a perfect location for site-listening. Abutting the D’Aguilar Range, the park is anchored to the Enoggera Reservoir and it’s this counterpoint of swampy lagoon, open watercourse and Eucalypt forest that creates such a diverse soundscape.

At dawn and dusk the forest is alive with wildlife. Pacific Black Ducks descend skimming the waters’ surface and scuffling, their frantic motions creating explosive splashes. White Cockatoos screech overhead as their form shifts in and out of relief with downy clouds. Lace Monitors scratch their way up trees following their forked tongue, tasting the air. Towards the water’s edge, Striped Marsh Frogs dispersed in the thick swamp grasses cluck relentlessly and across the reservoir Bell Birds ring out their intoxicating ‘pings’ sounding out the shape of the forest around them like some atmospheric radar.

As night settles in the collage of crickets, leafhoppers and frogs produce crescendos. Bush Curlews and Channel Bill Cuckoos cry out from across the water their voices, like beautiful distress beacons, haunt the forest with echoes and reflections. Insectivorous bats colour the air with sharp crystalline tones as they search for meals on the wing. A Planigale nervously shuffles through the undergrowth, the hooting of Owls never far in the distance.


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