Bunyaville State Forest Park

Address: Old Northern Rd, Bunya, 4055
Recommended times: Middle of the day, evenings
GPS Location: -27° 22’ 33.16”, +152° 58’ 47.10”

Bunyaville State Forest is a rather exceptional location for sonic anomalies.

Due to its location and the open character of the eucalypt forest, the trunks of the trees, especially those located at the edge of the bushland on the Old Northern Rd side, act as reflectors, dashing sound from the road and bouncing it around in a pinball-like motion. It’s not a radical sound, more a subtle overlay that snugly shrouds the other sounds of the forest.

Strips of bark fall sharply from the towering gum trees, catching on branches and splintering to the ground. Noisy Minors skip into motion as the bark lands nearby, their distinctive voices cutting through the dense undergrowth. Rain has fallen recently and the forest is thick with green vines and shoots. Palm leaves tickle one another – a gentle sound as if sheets of paper are brushing together. Butter- flies rise up from the ground like leaves returning back to the trees. A gentle breeze carried on the back of sunset excites the tops of the eucalypts into a hushed fizzle. Somewhere buried in the black, a Powerful Owl ushers in the night with a ghostly two part hoot.

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