Cairns CBD Bat Colony

Address: Cnr Abbott St, Aplin St, Cairns QLD 4870
Recommended times: Day
GPS Location: -16° 55′ 11.76″, +145° 46′ 31.09″

From a distance it’s as though strange fruit cluster in the trees around the city centre. Fruits that, upon closer inspection, flap and shudder with an unsettling irregularity. These are not fruit, but those that feed on fruit – the Spectacled Flying-Fox.

Clinging to the branches their squawks and squabbles create a ceaselessly curious array of intonation. Shrill, sharp bursts of voice are tempered by more incessant quiet chattering. As the sun bares its full force, the bats begin an uneasy departure in search of more shaded locales, their wings audible like soft booms upon departure.


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