Cape Hillsborough

Address: Risley Parade, Cape Hillsborough, QLD 4740
Recommended times: Early mornings, mid to late afternoon
GPS Location: -20° 55′ 36.00″, +149° 3′ 7.98″

Sound cascades upward along the face of Cape Hillsborough. Walking to the cape’s crest, sound-sprays from the ocean are absorbed through a dense mesh of trees. The delicate sea hisses erased revealing a duller and heavier rush of sound.

As the ocean’s roar is wholly consumed toward the middle of the cape assent, a chorus of Bottle Cicadas ring out. They’re an overpowering strata, quick pulsed tones probing the inner ear, unrelentingly thorough. Climbing higher, the cicadas dissipate, and the cape’s plateau opens out with into a lush and expansive sound space – the ocean reappears, diffused through distance. Misty islands dot the water’s surface mimicking the sparse voices of people enjoying the beach, as daylight is lost behind the cape’s spine.

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