Capricorn Caves

Address: 30 Olsen Caves Road, The Caves, QLD 4702
Recommended times: Dusk and Evening
GPS Location: -23° 9′ 57.39″, +150° 29′ 27.40″

There’s a scorching white noise emerging from the caves’ absolute black. Tens of thousands of small voices tweeting high frequency whispers, that when unified form an epic density, bombarding the ears with uneasy intensity. Little Bent Wing Bats are in a flutter of pre-dusk activity.

A thump just beyond the ear, and then another, suddenly the black cavern is submerged in minute atmospheric tremors as alarmingly close bat wings sweep by. Water trickles and softly explodes on the caves’ floor, flickers of sound expanding to fill the cathedral like caverns. Awesomely subtle reverbs suggest the depth and form of these blackened spaces.

A sudden rush and wave of sound echoes outward from the bats’ roost. A Ghost Bat perhaps, preying on smaller chiropteras, night cannot come quickly enough.



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