Cattle Saleyards, Roma

Address: 44589 Warrego Hwy, Roma, QLD 4455
Recommended times: Day
GPS Location: -26° 34′ 34.56″, +148° 49′ 33.42″

The rolling grazing pastures that pulse at Queensland’s heart resolve at cattle yards such as this. The cast iron pens momentarily herd livestock in transit from Queensland to destinations intrastate, interstate and across the oceans.

When the saleyards are active there’s a plethora of sound – hooves shuffle, cattle murmur to themselves, roadtrains offer a procession of compression breaking and salesmen speaking in unusual tongues of commerce. It’s a wholly consuming experience – alien to the outsider, but fascinating. When the sales are done and cattle departed, another sonic identity takes hold. This is a place of low creaks and ghostly groans as metals warm in the morning sun. These are utilities in waiting, metal structures quietly clicking and popping creating audible aches as the buildings wait, seemingly impatiently to become of use once more.


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