Charlie’s Hill

Address: Off Charlie’s Hill Rd, Inkerman, QLD 4806
Recommended times: Summer days
GPS Location: -19° 42′ 28.86″, +147° 27′ 52.68″

1943. Queensland’s eyes and ears are focused north with war in the Pacific growing closer and more ferocious. Built by the RAAF, the two concrete igloos at Charlie’s Hill are a reminder of the vigilance that occupied so many along the north of Queensland in those days.

Today, the tired looking bunkers lie vacant, but are anything but silent. Their cavernous rooms, now devoid of the objects of defence, echo and reflect all sound. Wasps, by their thousands have occupied the flat ceilings and in the summer heat, they buzz and drone creating a reflective symphony of wings. Each tiny forewing beating at a slightly different speed – the 1000 strong unison creating an inharmonious but altogether consuming hum.

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