Address: 160 South st, Lytton QLD 4178
Recommended times: Day
GPS Location: -27° 24′ 47.99″, +153° 9′ 2.22″

Lying adjacent to the Port Of Brisbane, Fort Lytton National Park is an island of industry free land along the southeast bank of the Brisbane River. Whilst the land itself is untouched by industry, its aural character is anything but untouched – it’s this collage of the natural and industrial that captures and holds the ears’ interest.

At the entry of the park a pair of large hollowed out cannons offer a glimpse into the fort’s prior life. On closer inspection the cannons, whose carved inner barrels are open-ended, catch wind; pulling it from one end of the barrel to the other and, in doing so, produce a deep filtered drone. An epic tone as if listening inside a magnificent organ pipe.

Placing your ear towards either end of the cannon (a request that comes with a warning to watch for any wasps or other insects residing inside), the hazy noise of the Caltex refinery next to the park, in unison with various birds and insects, is modulated within the barrel creating a re-imagined, musical soundscape. This deep and complex sound, although constant is never static, as new elements drift in and out of focus. On hot summer days the choir of Cicadas in nearby trees augments, and in some cases outstrips, the industrial sounds, shifting the cannon’s barrel into a decidedly upper register whirr.


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