Jack Taylor Weir, St George

Address: Balonne Hwy, St George, QLD 4487
Recommended times: Day
GPS Location: -28° 2′ 36.96″, +148° 33′ 57.90″

Thousands of litres of the Balonne River are compressed and expelled one minute after another. A surging intensity, a white wash of white noise, consuming all other sound as loquacious liquid passes the weir. Magpie Larks call, their mute voices, soaked up in the tirades of unsettled water. Only further downstream do other sounds appear – all blanketed in the vocal-like enunciations of collapsing waves striking the bank.

Ten uneven metallic slaps ring out above the weir, as traffic passes into and out of St George. The bridge’s expansion girders shudder under the pressure of tires and load – the vehicles speed determining the intensity of the disparate percussion recital.




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