Lagoon Creek, Barcaldine

Address: Acacia St, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
Recommended times: Late afternoon and early evening
GPS Location: -23° 33′ 34.98″, +145° 16′ 32.46″

The sandy red soil reflects dusk’s light – a million tiny glowing rocks iridescent like stars trapped in the earth. An overturned car wreck, perhaps here for 50 years, crepitates as something inside shuffles about. A single kangaroo pounds through the high grass, urging others into motion.

Along the lagoons’ edge clusters of frogs begin a rising wave of chirps, as dusk deepens. A black Darter leaves his roost and breaks the surface of the water like a precision Olympic diver, a restrained ripple lingering as he vanishes. The rumble and clatter of roadtrains come to the fore, roosting birds flutter from the skeletal tree overlooking the lagoon. Gradually a rising tide of insects fills the sound gap. The last rays of sun grasp at the horizon, but night inevitably overpowers.


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