Marian Mill

Address: Anzac Ave, Marian, Qld 4753
Recommended times: June to November
GPS Location: -21° 8′ 34.00″, +148° 56′ 21.00″

June in Marian signals a rapid transformation – a blooming of industry. The Marian Mill has laid dormant, in a state of maintenance hibernation for the better part of six months, yet within seconds it is alive with a thudding mechanised heartbeat. Its engine gears growl, shuddering into life with a procession of steaming whistles, chugging belt drives and seething boilers.

Rainbow Lorikeets drunk on the residue of sugar extraction scatter shakily, their flight patterns intoxicated and their voices trill like auditory razor blades, slicing through the ear drums. Overhead, the ever-hungry conveyor belts pulse an endless course of cane into the factory’s belly. By November the mill’s cane feasting will have ended and it will be calm again.

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