Mary Kathleen Ruins

Address: Barkly Hwy, approx 55kms from Mt Isa, QLD
Recommended times: Mornings and late afternoons
GPS Location: -20° 46′ 24.66″, +139° 58′ 40.98″

A pot-holed road leading to erased memory. Uranium drew settlement here in the late 1950s, but the Mary Kathleen of today is nothing more than a Ghost Town, a place of distant lives razed by termites, sun and punishing elemental force.

Crows sing a mournful requiem; descending atonal notes float across intermittent scrub. Dollarbirds cackle, taunting the rising sun – its light turning brown rocks into an unrepentant red. The sun’s warming lifeblood soaks back into the land. A flooded creek chatters away, inviting a rambling of conversation with more bird species than can be easily identified. The traces of settlement are faded and sun bleached, but life flourishes, as it no doubt did before the arrival of humans.


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