Mossman Gorge

Address: Mossman Gorge Rd, Mossman Gorge, QLD 4873
Recommended times: Early mornings, dusk
GPS Location: -16° 28′ 10.32″, +145° 19′ 43.62″

Light dapples the ground, shards of sun in relief against tropical foliage. The rainforest is thick with an almost tangible mist – a mist that is not just visible, but auditory.

Walking towards Mossman Gorge, the forest is consumed by multilayered audio  – the canopy occupied by small high frequency chirps, the middle tier spotted with rhinoceros beetles and sharp bursts of bird call, and close to the ground the sound is delicate, leaf litter underfoot telling of the perpetual cycle of decay and rebirth that fuels this place.

Stepping out into the centre of the Rex Walker Bridge the auditory fog becomes absolute. Within the bridge’s confines, the sense of space in the forest is lost to an infinity complex and captivating barrage of white noise in the form of rapids. It takes moments to readjust the ears when continuing along the trail.



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