Mt Hypipamee

Address: The Crater Rd, Upper Barron, QLD 4883
Recommended times: Early mornings, evenings
GPS Location: -17° 25′ 32.39″, +145° 29′ 11.49″

A rich summer afternoon and the diatreme’s walls are echoing one set of birdcall after another – the repetition forming something of a minimalist pulse. The crater’s sheer rock faces repel any sound that comes their way. A falling rock collides with the water below, its splash ricocheting wildly.

Descending further, the slow oscillating tones of rainforest insects dominate. Beyond vision, a Cassowary cuts through the dense undergrowth, its motion traceable only by ear. Waterfalls cloak the relative ambience of the rainforest. Each fall different to the next, their flow of water shaped through varying rocks, resulting in an evolving liquid tone that squalls.


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