Parco nazionale della Sila(Sila national park)

Location: Parco nazionale della Sila(Sila national park) Taverna, Catanzaro, Italy
Recommended By: Attilio Novellino
Recommended times: early afternoon
Latitude: 39.085360 ( 39° 5′ 7.296″ N )
Longitude: 16.572720( 16° 34′ 21.792″ E )

Sila National Park is located in the mountainous Calabria’s heart and its land includes the main three provinces of the region.This recording has been taped in Taverna, a little city placed in the district of Catanzaro. The Sila National Park is characterized by a very special soundscape, also due to its peculiar concave shape: walking through the reserve’s paths and listening to the surrounding auditory environment, gives the feeling of being in an extraordinary “natural cathedral”.

In the Park – endowed with an elevated biodiversity – it’s possible to hear the call of many ornithological species, among which the wood pigeon, the willow warbler, the great tit, the goldfinch and the chaffinch that, along with the carrion-crow, represents the most widespread species in the land. In the background, you can perceive the water of the torrents running along the rocks, at first in the distance, but then – as you get next to the streams – rushing.

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