Address: Bingera Dr, Port of Brisbane, QLD 4178
Recommended times: Day and night
GPS Location: -27° 22′ 29.22″, +153° 10′ 50.20″

The Port Of Brisbane is an area few Brisbanites have call to visit. Located on Fisherman’s Island, the port is a collision of industry and natural reclamation – heavy industry abuts overgrown abandoned lots and dense Mangrove watercourses. Like several other areas along Moreton Bay, the Port Of Brisbane acts as a refuge to transitory birds, waders and an array of other wildlife.

Standing in any number of locations, the port’s open spaces offer an epic sense of sonic depth. Various machines in reverse some kilometres away can be heard blipping incessantly; their mid range tone creating a grid of rhythm. Large Lego–like towers of shipping containers, laced with paper information slips, flicker in the breeze; the paper repeatedly hammering the sides of the crates. Low groans of wind can be heard from between the towers as if forced through small gaps.

A White Bellied Sea Eagle honks, its enormous wings trying desperately to catch a draft amid a swarm of scorning crows, plovers and magpies.  Along the foreshore rabbits pound the earth while they scurry back and forth across the small grassy hills. Chestnut Teals squeak their alert as a Whistling Kite circles overhead. Pied Stilts take to the skies in a hazily confusing display of duotone. The Kite shifts west in a draught of wind off the bay and a calming stillness befalls the watercourse.


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