Address: 40 Castlemaine st, Milton QLD 4064
Recommended times: Game nights
GPS Location: -27° 27′ 30.69″, +153° 0′ 38.57″

Any sporting fixture on a grand scale is an epic soundscape. The triumvirate of passionate supporters, drama on the field and the grandiose architectural qualities of most stadiums creates a magnificent unison in which collective expression is delivered at awe-inspiring volume.

The old Lang Park, now Suncorp Stadium, lies at the base of Paddington. Hemmed in by houses on three sides, the stadium’s events create a unique sonic addition to the neighbourhood. There’s a certain majesty to heaving sighs of more than 50,000 people as balls are dropped on field, eruptive cheers as if thousands of lungs are exploding when tries are scored and pouring showers of scorn over disagreements with referees on field.

When heard in abstraction from the game, these sounds can be quite shocking – the ambience of a suburban neighbourhood invaded by an epic chord of human exclamation. Whether heard close by the stadium’s entryways for sheer ‘physicality’ of expression, or from a distance amid suburban streets where the cries take a more phantasmic quality, this much ‘humanness’ can be literally breathtaking.



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