Tinchi Tamba Wetlands

Address: Wyampa Rd, Bald Hills, 4036
Recommended times: Mornings, late afternoon and early evenings
GPS Location: -27° 17’ 48.02”, +153° 2’ 12.80”

The Tinchi Tamba Wetlands is one of the key marine nurseries along Moreton Bay. Its low lying mangroves and tidal wetlands flood twice daily and it’s this process that allows for such a distinct range of wildlife to visit and reside in this area.

The post-dawn sun filters through the mangroves, catching the iridescent blue of Collared Kingfishers making the most of early morning activity on the exposed mud of the mangals. Passers-by walking too close cause crabs to scatter, their legs generating a tiny succession of sucking sounds as they shuffle across the mud. Jabiru (an occasional visitor), with their ample bill and statuesque stillness, snatch anything that happens to come their way – the snapping clap of the beak evidence of its fatal strength.

As the tide rises, Eastern Curlews skate from isolated mud- flat to mudflat, their calls like piping monotone organ notes. Cicadas buzz in shrill rising beats, growing to ear piercing intensity before swiftly decaying, only to rise again in another part of the woodland. Unsettled flocks of avocets flutter in quavering union from one edge of the salt marsh to the next, seeking a mixture of food and shade as the midday sun begins to roast the open marshes.

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