Warrego River, Cunnamulla

Address: Francis St, Cunnamulla, QLD 4490
Recommended times: Dusk
GPS Location: -28° 4′ 4.32″, +145° 40′ 48.11″

A nightjar skates above the surface of the Warrego River, its emergence a reminder that dusk will be night momentarily. The sky is a lush mauve, imprinted with the bodies of hundreds, perhaps thousands of corellas who are flocking to the edge of the riverbank to roost.

Their presence dominates everything – an unruly cacophony of calls, like alien affirmations confirming the day’s end. The sound mass grows and expands, close and distant birds alike in a conversation beyond comprehension. The light fails, one by one the birds come to rest. A soothing pulse of riverside insects engulfs the bank, interrupted occasionally by passing roadtrains.



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