Windy Hill Wind Farm

Address: Glendinning Rd, Ravenshoe, QLD 4888
Recommended times: Day and night
GPS Location: -17° 35′ 26.60″, +145° 31′ 46.02″

Here, the wind seldom ceases. Trees are deformed, their limbs permanently curved by the sheer weight of moving air. At Windy Hill the breeze speaks. Its voice is articulated through giant blades cutting at the air. Spinning masses whose magnitude dwarfs us as they carve out empty circles.

As the rotors spin, two sounds come to dominate – the first is the low fundamental tone, a base harmonic upon which higher tones appear intermittently. The phasing of uncertain winds passing across the colossal turbine blades caresses the mute whirr of engaged motors. Even as the air settles, the blades carve away, each turn creating an unnerving slice of sound as it passes overhead.


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