Address: 528 – 542 Royal Esplanade, Manly QLD 4179
Recommended times: Windy days, late stormy nights
GPS Location: -27° 27′ 27.92″, +153° 11′ 13.90″

The sea, and water more broadly, remains one of those few sounds that is almost universally heard as ‘pleasant’. The human-like chimes and babble of flowing streams have captivated poets and artists alike, and the ocean too brings with it a wealth of sonic interpretations and readings. It makes sense then that the gateway to the open ocean might also present an assortment of sound curiosities.

The Wynnum Manley Marina sits on the edge of Moreton Bay and it’s here that Yachts and their crews meet head on with the physicality of the ocean and its major environmental accomplice, wind.

When tranquil, the Marina is rather uneventful. The gentle lapping of water at the sides of the boats, Mullets catapulting themselves from the water and the murmuring of engines awaiting departure can be heard. Once the wind picks up though, sound suddenly becomes more apparent. Boats start to sway, their frames creaking and their masts clinking with a frenetic poly rhythmic, poly harmonic quality. At times the masts’ flutter, resembling some disjointed percussion recital –the wind sweeps across the Marina and boat by boat they come into sound, chiming atonally one after the other. Sails begin to sing like sirens, their unerring whistle like tones layered onto the percussive movements generating a disquieting composition.



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